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The Close Protection Team is a group of professional Operators who have worked for years in the field of Close Protection in Security Company and in cooperation with Institutional agencies.
The characteristic of the Close Protection Team is its heterogeneity: all its operators come from various departments of the Armed Forces, private security companies, and have great experience in non-hostile environment and in high risk areas.
The heterogeneity of components has the fusion of different schools Anglo / American and created the conditions for a group of professionals who can cover a wide range of services.
The team currently holds positions in Europe, the Middle East and some African regions.
The Team is dedicated in time to specialize in assisting public figures, VIP, business men but also private citizens who need protection.
The continuous professional development allows operators to perform any kind of task may be entrusted; the schools of training ranging from bigger international schools as Surefire Academy and Strategos Int, SIG Academy, Nirtal, allowing the staff of the Team to maintain high standards and common to most operators / PSD that operate at international level.
The Team possesses logistical support which allows to fulfill all requirements.
The Team has also professionals such as medical operators.
Our training center allows us to recreate scenarios that more and more can be found at hight risk areas, we are able to respond to every need training from basic training to the Hostile Environmen Close Protection Operations / PSD.
In agreement accommodation and catering, as well as all types of equipment available to the operators.
We only offer training at a high level with international standards and international certifications.

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